Monday, 14 June 2010

Desired Hair Length

Happy Monday y'all :)

Fortunately I'm not feeling like the weather in LDN.... I think I'm outgrowing that excuse ( weathers dull= I feel dull). On a happier note...I'm back from Leeds 'n' settled and according to just about EVERYONE-needing to gain some weight!!! Nothing new to me really! I'll leave a large majority of the weight gain to Germany. I'm sure the endless supply of potatoes and creamy sauces will give me the boost i need! Sorry not sausages... sausages= i dislike!

Right anyway back to blogsics...I've FINALLY decided what my goal hair length is .....drum beat.....


I intend on reaching this length by Nov 2011!!!

Considering we're all people of different dimensions, of course my bra strap is anothers persons armpit length so the pic im posting is just an example of bra strap length and what im aiming for :D

P.s- the 1st line is... I believe my hair length !

You can decide by looking @ the pic of moi below :D

x edF x

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