Friday, 2 July 2010

Black Tea & Coffee can reduce shedding?

  Sounds weird right? Tea reducing hair shedding!!! Oh perlease! But before you think the weird and wonderful read some facts I've found...

*Tea is especially loved for its antioxidants, but also contains caffeine which according to scientists has many benefits for our hair :)
*It has been proven to thicken the hair, stop hair falling out in clumps and also for stimulating growth.. (hmm now the wonders of tea tree oil make sense- random thought..)
*The main benefit of caffeine is that it blocks the DHT a.k.a Dihydrotestosterone which is the resulting product
of direct contact between the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase, found in
the skin and the scalp, with the hormone testosterone. from causing the hair to shed..

*Did you know Black Tea has more caffeine then a cup of coffee?


Take a large jar or cup with water and pour it into a pot and boil the water..Add at least 2-4 bags of large black tea bags (more if your tea bags are small) ...Turn off the fire and let it brew in the boiling water for a couple of hours or overnight...put all over your hair as the last step before you proceed to styling


Well I tried this out almost laughing @ myself initially but was shocked when I went to detangle my hair and no hair came out...and whats more when no hair fell out when I did a naughty detangle when my hair was dry. Plus my hair was soft and strong! So i really would recommend u try it out

x muchos Liebe x

x edF x
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