Thursday, 29 July 2010

Hard as Nails

Hey people!!

This post shall be brief.

I just wanted to share the fact that as well as giving my hair TLC, I will also be doing the same with my nails. I'm not even a beginner in this regard but very much a minus-er!!! Yet, I have faith! I have sausage fingers (short and fat) with nails that simply wont grow. Today I decides that if there are certain products that will help hair grow, there must be similar for nails.... Soooo today I bought Sally Hansen's "Hard as Nails" with Nylon, the clear version.

The nail treatment promises to help strengthen and promote nail growth. Although a vast variety was on offer at Superdrug I decided to opt for the one I did, which was £4.65 and if this doesn't give the desired results I'll try something else. I'll give an update in how it works for me 2-4 weeks depending on the results : )


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