Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Fake Hair, Real Love!

Holla Mi Amigas!!!

I have soooo much to share with you all, particularly my braiders/weave wearers! I was asked last week what the point was of doing all 'this stuff' to my hair as it is in braids..... here goes my response

We all know that person that has their hair in braids or weaves ALL the time and they say that they are doing so in an attempt to grow or protect their hair. But what is somewhat strange is the fact that more often than not, no real growth or change occurs. Weeeelll that is because doing nothing to your hair whilst in such 'protective styles' (ie they protect your hair from the weather, clothing etc) makes it almost impossible to have any hair retention. What is happening is that your hair is happy because it is not being bothered so it will grow but if care is not taken it will just snap off.

Some simple steps to keep your braided hair snap free...
  • Wash your hair at least once a week.
If you are like most people I have mentioned this too, I expect your thinking LOOOONG!!!! But its not that bad especially if you know how. It means that you are keeping your scalp clean and this is conducive to hair growth!
  • DEEP CONDITION at least once a week. (I actually love to do this, sad...perhaps!)
I usually DC the night before I wash my hair to save time. This is when your gets to indulge in any guilty pleasure you deem fit! It is soooo important to listen to your hair, is it brittle and dry... perhaps try a moisturizing conditioner such as Herbal Essences Hello Hydration. Maybe its limp and breaking... try a protein treatment instead. Id recommend Organic Root Stimulator's Hair Mayonnaise, Apgogee's 2 Minute Reconstructor or Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor .

When I DC, I literally make a concoction of all that I think my hair needs! In fact thats what my next post will be on so stay tuned.
  • Use a moisturizing and a light protein spray daily. On the hair not the roots, we don't want no build up round hair...get it ; ) !!!
 It is important to know that although wearing a weave or braids will protect your hair, they also absorb moisture from it too and this is not good. Imagine what would happen if you creamed your feet then put socks on and a month later, with no vaseline in sight, took them off... apart from one crazy stench, your feet would be DR-RY. Synthetic hair is more guilty of this than human hair so if you do use it try to find one made of kalekon. I often use Expressions which is 100% kalekon. a good moisturizer will replenish the moisture lost and keep your hair healthy.

The protein spray is to build up your hair stands and make them stronger. Its similar to the way guys use protein to get hench, your hair can get hench too!!!

As for me...

Moisturiser: Every other day Aussie Miracle Leave In Conditioner (mixed with a little pure Glycerin and Argon Oil) and once a week I'll use Scurl (mixed with a little water). This has been my fav moisturizer so far in fact i just bought a fresh bottle today, holla!!! But seriously, I bought it at the same time as the Kera Care Moisturizing Oil and it was put to shame.

Protein: Every other day I use Chi Keratin Mist (I freakin love this but I get it from America and my stash is running low) When my supply runs low I use Infusium 23, the original formula. I put it in a spray bottle to make to easier.

  •  Oil your scalp once or twice a week.
I do this once and usually after wash days. When my hair was out, I did it more often but because I dont wash it as often I stopped. The reason behind this (and I would say this is more so fir braids) is to avoid build up on the scalp. It is good practisc to avoid weighing down the braids and too much oil can cause this. I usually use sweet almond oil which is great as its really light but I am now trying argon oil which people seem to love. Ill keep you posted on any differences I've notice : )

  •  Keep you braids weave in for no longer than 2months.
 If you leave if for anything longer than this you are very likely to experience matting. Clearly that isnt a problem for everyone...

You also dont want to get those gross looking dirt balls that are the result of build up. For me 6 weeks is my absolute maximum however the next point has helped me with this...
  • Re-do you edges.
These are sensitive and it is good practice to get them redone every 3-4 weeks. You are then able to make sure your sides arent being pulled out from being too tight or breaking off due to build up overload. I did this for the first time on the Sunday just gone and I feel pretty again!!! This also gives you the chance to give your hair a nice treatment before it gets put back in. I definitely took advantage of that!

Thats all for now. I would like to briefly share my excitement that August 4th will mark SIX MONTHS without my creamy crack a.k.a relaxer! I took a picture of my length a month or so before I began my stretch and in mid August im going to share the comparison pictures so we can see if this stuff actually works!!! Due to the fact that my tresses have become one big ball of new growth, I have no clue what going on in there so we shall see!



  1. This man's hair makes me want to vomit!!! lol

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  3. lol... thats my hairstyle for next month ;)

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  4. u can get ur chi product from amazon


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