Monday, 19 July 2010


Familia heyyyyyy!

I'm so not sure where to much has happened since my last post. For one I now live in Munich!!! Its beyond beautiful :) I'll put some pics up very soon in a slide show just so you can see :)
This is just a quick post to formally or should I say properly introduce my big sis a.k.a the braid queen.

I'm sure most of you have seen her post ( ) but i just wanted to give you a low down!

So... her name is Olamide...lam...lambchops...lambrini....etc. She's 23 and currently she's stretched her relaxer for over 6 MONTHS!!! She constantly has braids in and before she had them re-done we could see tremendous growth in her hair. SO... she'll be posting from time to time about her hair journey. 

Finally there's also a surprise for y'all which will be revealed ever so shortly! But till then stay blessed and blog happy :D

x edF x

P.s:- This is a pic of her hair in December 09- look out for her growth pics in August 2010 :)

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  1. Just reading through all your blogs! They're "ferocious" lol-pun intended ;-)

    I'm in a transitional phase! Yes you heard right, I'm going natural! Whoop Whoop!

    Anyways, well converse via facebook or skype... Love you loads
    PB x


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