Wednesday, 11 August 2010


Evening dearies...


1) I was considering being selfish n not telling you about the book im reading but sorry u must be informed that MR DONALD TRUMP has now joined my FAVOURITE author list... this man used the word 'swagger' in his book 'How to Get rich'... is it me or is that worthy of a spud?

2) I'm waiting (past tense) for the comp to load at work and I hear some chinese guy from another office go into a managers office...  he says he hopes its okay to conduct the meeting in English because his German is bad...and then when he starts speaking I SWEAR he sounds Nigerian!!! Arhhh u had to be there honestly... anyway....

When I first moved here ( Munich) my sister and a friend moved me in...a.k.a helped me settle in. Whilst here there was a big market called 'TOLLWOOD' (posted a few pics of it...

So we went to 'TOLLWOOD' and within the market there was a huge Marrakech themed tent and whilst walking through it guess what we find???

A woman selling pure Argan oil ( I mentioned really wanting it in an old post)

(don't watch the tourist picture was a must)

So...results? Is it any good? Is it really a good sealant?

Stay blog friendly for the review on Sunday...

oh and go buy yourself a Donald Trump book in the meantime :)

x eau de Fiona x

Donald Trump:
'I am the creator of my own comic book'
'Business can be tough but you have to stay true to your principles'

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