Sunday, 1 August 2010

To DC or not to that Really a Question?!?!

 Holla Chicas (y Chicos)!

As promised here is a post on a method in which you can DC (deep condition) hair whilst in braids (its similar for weaves) so here it is! Ps. there are soooo many different ways that you can try  however I will share what has worked for me : )

***WARNING***: all pictures of myself are not intended to seduce, however if you find this turns out to be the case, I would suggest prayer.

1. First things first, you need a deep conditioner. I like to make a concoction of my own. I dont get to DC as often as I like so I take the opportunity (usually once a week) to supply my hair with the various things it needs.

My DC includes...

*Castor oil: for thickness and to prevent against shedding
*Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Constructure: helps rebuild chemically treated hair
*Alma Oil: is more popular among the Asian community and it is known for adding thickness and shine to hair. It is also said to make your hair darker over time so if your going for that Amber Rose look, it may not work for you!
* Aphogee Keratin 2 minute Reconstrucor: restores strength and softness to hair. It also repairs damage caused by chlorine and hard water (London definitely has HARD water)
*Dr. Organics Manuka Honey Conditioner (from Holland & Barrett): restores & replenishs hair natural condition with its bioactive & organic ingredients!
*Natural Classic Henna Treatment Wax Hair Conditioner: strengthens hair, especially hair damaged by bleaching, tinting or perming. (I use this nearly every time I DC and I really love it!)

Mix thoroughly.

You really don't need all these products but I am definitely a product junkie!!! I like to think about the things that my hair needs and then get a good mix of what I think will help achieve that. So the list above reflects the fact that my hair needs strength to support the weight of the braids, but also added moisture to replace what the extensions remove.

2. Section your DRY hair into 4-6 sections. This isnt always necessary but it is alot easier to apply your DC evenly if you have demarkated sections. When I 1st stared DC-ing braids, I'd do 6 big plaits to keep the sections apart, now I freestyle. Some people like to apply a deep conditioner when the hair is wet. I am of the opinion that dry hair is the better option as it absorbs nothing but the product and not water.

*If you have a weave, the sectioning has been made easy. You can seperate the rows using duck clips (so useful!

3. Take a section of the hair and apply approximately 4 table spoons of your DC to your hair. This is more than you should ever use of you have no extensions in, however because you are trying to penetrate the added hair to reach your own, having a heavy hand is not so much a problem. Start the application at the end of your section (or where your hair ends in the braid) to the root. 

-we tend to pay the most attention to the roots of our hair but really it should be the ends which are the oldest parts of your hair so you want to give it as much TLC as you can

*If you have a weave, take each row at a time and using your fingers apply the DC and pat it into each corn row. (its a bit messy but thats ok : ) another way which I find a little less messy but just as effective is to add a portion of the DC to an empty spray bottle. you can then mix a little water so that it is not too thick and spary the corn rows.

Continue until you have completed your whole head.

Not sure if you can see, but this is what it looks like once the DC has been applied.

4. Cover it up! Now me, I usually use cling film to cover up my hair... dont judge me! I have also been know to use a Tesco bag but a good old fashioned plastic shower cap will suffice. Once covered up, if you have a hooded dryer, you can sit under it for 20-40mins. If you dont have one, (and i didnt until my sister realised she couldnt pack it in her suitcase for Munich YEAH BABY!) leave it for as long as you can!! Before my aquisition of the dryer, I would DC on a night where I know I had nothing to do the next morning and then leave it over night.

5. Rinse out your DC. this part really is really just that...I will say however, that it is really important to ensure you rinse out all products throughly, particularly if it is in a weave. You dont want to have old dried up product in your hair, it will make your hair dry and more suseptable to breakage.

That my dearies is how I would suggest you give your hair that spa treatment! I hope it was clear but if not i am more than happy to clarify : ) I leave you will what the results were. The braids are a month old and my scalp before hand was looking somewhat...hmmm, how do you say..... ASHY!! Needless to say, I was pleased!



  1. Hey Fiona, I have just taken my weave out and it has been 6 months since i have relaxed my hair. Im in two minds as to what to do, whether i should relax it or just keep it natural. My hair has totally 'broken' around the edges. When deep conditioning, is this before or after i've washed/relaxed my hair?? Im going to try this tea treatment, do i rinse or wash out the tea from my hair?

  2. Hey :) The decision depends on what u can handle. Considering the fact that you've just taken it out means it may be in a fairly weak state...hence the breakage..unless this was there before and u used a weave on top of it.

    Deep conditioning can work 2 ways... the most common is you wash, co wash n then deep condition( preferably with heat) for 30 mins - 1 hr up to u...then rinse out n dry etc. Sometimes if im feeling lazy n dont want to hit the shower twice i DC first n then co wash rather than shampoo (so its all much faster).

    YAs for the tea rinse. If its a shampoo day i shampoo then afterwards pour the tea rinse all over my hair n leave it in for like 15 mins n then put my deep conditioner over this n then DC for 30-45 mins (minus the 15!)

    This is because just using the tea rinse alone is like doing a serious protein treatment! your hair will be very strong n then may lack softness...

    Hope this helps x


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