Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Argan oil..What it do?

So much for the Sunday review! Sorry spent most of the weekend packing for what has turned out to be a very different week out of Munich!

Any who...the review!


I did the usual I do on a Sunday... Pre-pooed* click for definition  overnight with my fave tres semme conditioner which was mixed with oils (namely:Grapeseed...almond...vitamin E from Holland and Barretts and Castor oil) and then did a shampoo wash the next morning.

After my shampoo I did a deep condition using the Olive oil Replenishing Pak and a considerable amount of Argan oil. Left this in for 2 hours -no sitting under the hair dryer though :(  because my hair dryer is in London....and then I rinsed the deep conditioner out.
THEN... I did the whole leave in conditioner, strengthening spray, hair moisturizer routine and then used some Argan oil to seal in the moisture nice and ready for my new 'Scarf bun' air dry method.
1) The Argan oil was very greasy.., okay oil is greasy but it lacked that smooth (rub me on your skin and be silky smooth ) #kinda quality
2) It made my nails dirty ...grrrr... sorry but I really am not kool with the concept of giving my scalp a well deserved scratch and always having to wash my finger nails.... plus I could never put my poor laptop keyboard through such trauma.
3) Perhaps I was ripped off ??? I mean the stall looked very professional-ish and the oil did smell like nuts but with all i've heard about argan oil...I just wasn't too impressed. My hair was way too greasy and just didn't meet up to the usual results.
So if anyone comes across some GOOD Argan oil ...e.g goes to Morocco and digs it from the ground themselves...then please holla @ your girl.

 (here's the map just so u know where to find it)
x edF x

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