Thursday, 19 August 2010


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Been stretching (no relaxer) since April 24th 2010 and I think in this time I've been the most boring hair style holder of the century... Okay well in my defense @ the beginning of the stretch i wore my hair down now and again but then as my hair got more and more due and I refused to use my straighteners..the hair down flex just wasn't cutting it....SO... I've been the bun Queen. Buns errr-day.

I do miss a few hairstyles but wearing the bun means I can tie my head scarf at night and just sort out my fringe in the morn without having to comb or manipulate the rest of my hair.


Well wearing your hair down all the time exposes your hair to humidity. Which = 24/7 dry hair and brittle ends. Buns however help keep your hair more moisturized because a lot of your hair is tucked away therefore able to hold more moisture...ya dig!

 So thinking of trying the bun flex even if its just now and again???



x edF x

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