Friday, 27 August 2010

Hazardous Re-growth

I can't hold it in anymore... this stretch is CRAZY!!!

So far just a few days over 4 months and I feel like Im natural already! I was kinda going through a #don't care how i look to work anymore Phase but was saved by my new fave product of the month.


I already use cholesterol in my fact I really liked the Dark n Lovely cholesterol product from Superdrug, but I figured i'd try something new and trust me it doesn't compare. in fact knowing that I thought the DnL was so good, makes me feel silly now!

+ I've decided to half scrap the review Sunday thing... WHY?... Because I'd like to post reviews whenever rather than having to wait till Sunday... ( doesn't mean I'll stop doing reviews on Sunday though :)

So... off to work now...have a FABBBB day and stay blog friendly for my Queen Helene Review

ciao for now

x edF x

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