Wednesday, 27 July 2011

8 months post relaxer

The post that has been long coming! Yes guys i finally relaxed after 8 months of stretching. I decided, based on my weave take out and excessive shedding, that there is no benefit in stretching for so long unless your hair loves the stretch, and unless you plan on transitioning. 

Despite my thickness set back i do believe i am on target with gaining 3 inches of growth in 6 months. I have however decided that as soon as i have reached that landmark, i will be giving myself a hefty trim. It has taken me over a year to embrace cutting my hair and not being scared of getting rid of thin, dusty ends. So the countdown towards my 3 inches of growth and my hefty trim still goes on!

The current state of my hair is... it looks thick! Funny considering the fact that i have already said that my hair has had a thickness setback. Well, this is a result of texlaxing hair that is 8 months post! 

My initial reaction to the curly texture at the back of my head after relaxing was shock! I couldn't believe that i still have two very distinctive hair textures, however after blowdrying and straightening, i must say the thick look remains so beautiful to me.

Here are some pics :)

x edF


  1. You are SO beautiful!!!!!!!!!

  2. Your hair looks great! I don't know if I could do 8 months(5 months is my longest), but you handled it well. Maybe you really didn't experience a set-back and summer is just the time you have excessive shedding? Looking forward to your next length check!

  3. You look great, I love the low bun. And I completely agree about stretching!

  4. Loving the fabric artwork...and of course your hair.

  5. it looks very straight and thickness is also good.

  6. :) I do hope summer makes my hair as happy as i am during the summer! Thank you guys! I really can't wait for November to hurry up and get here for the 2 year HHJ anniversary!

  7. Love your smile
    and your looks so thick here


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