Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Protective style challenge : length check 1

Here's a taster into my current hair length after taking out my first Protective Style Challenge install. As you know from my previous post i"ll be relaxing my hair next week, so will be sure to do another length check so that i can really see how much my hair has grown minus regrowth!

I'll be right back into another protective style in 3 weeks... still trying to figure out what kind of weave i want to try out...hmm...any ideas?!

x edF


  1. Beautiful Fi :)

    I will be cutting my hair all off in the next two weeks so I will defo be following your blog more often to get that healthy hair ish going on lol... Looking forward to the journey.

    Love you loads. Muwah

    Susie x

  2. niceeee! our hair is about the same length! I'm relaxing tomorrow, I'll try to post pics tomorrow but definitely by thursday!


  3. Loving the length, and you've still got a fair bit of thickness!! Can't wait to see the results next week!

  4. @tola ... fingers crossed! Thank you

    @Ebony - can't wait to see your post :) Its so exciting...anticipation!

    @miss estro - wow u never mentioned this before! Thats amazing... a fresh start indeed...your hair is going to be so healthy :) I'll be seeing you soon, so we can have hair chat :)

  5. Hey I m new on your blog ( come from France , yeaahhh) just wanting to know....When you are on your strecthing challenge, at how many weeks post relaxer do you start installing you weave ??

  6. Bonjour!

    When i stretch i can usually start wearing a weave from week 4 after relaxing. I usually like to enjoy my relaxed hair when it is fresh, and then out it away from week 4 onwards :)


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