Tuesday, 12 July 2011

relaxer stretch over!!!

12 month relaxer stretch 

That's right guys i'm calling it quits! There is no way in the world i can bare to stretch another month! If you saw what i went through on Saturday you'd have even begged me to relax right then and there!

It was horrendous... in all of my relaxed, stretching days i have never experienced so much hair loss. Now shedding is one thing, but hair loss... that's a completely different ball game. I had to grind my teeth to stop myself from crying  when detangling after my wash... especially because two of my girls were there thinking i was being a diva about nothing.
There is no way you can comfort a hair diva when they are faced with 3 large clumps of hair! 

Anyway point is there is no need to force a stretch? 8 months has been more than enough for me! You have to handle stretched hair like a new born baby...with delicacy and care. I'm not saying you should relax often, i'm just saying if you're stretching and do not plan on transitioning, then you need to know when the stretching has done its time.
I am officially crowning this as my first set back. It isn't a length set back (because i know i grew about an inch), but instead a thickness setback. It has been a while since my hair has felt and looked so thin. I'm definitely going to up my castor oil game and focus on maintaining the thickness that i have left!
So ladies, fellas, folks... the countdown begins... 11 days till i reach for the crack... the creamy crack!
Check out my next post for a length check! I'll be doing a more up to date length check as soon as i've relaxed for a more accurate measurement.

x edF


  1. Kai, pele my dear!!! I might have to rethink this whole transtioning vybe...we shall see. Ive been doing ^ month streches for the last 18 months and the weaves were killing my ends (I was being very lazy with loving my tresses!)But I cut off 2inches and im trying again! Im at month 5 now so ;ets see how it goes!!

    Your deinately right though, you HAVE to listen to your tresses!!


  2. I'm sorry about your thickness setback, but you should be so proud of yourself for going a full eight months--that's definitely more than I've ever done and I think it's great that you were able to go that far! What's even better was that you were able to acknowledge when you needed to step down from the challenge. I don't know if you're planning on giving it another go sometime, but at least now you know just how long your hair can thrive!

  3. Yes girl! I feel the same way! I'm ending a 7 month stretch tomorrow and the ONLY way I was able to do it and not lose a horrendous amount of hair is because I had it sewn or braided up 85-90% of the time. I agree that stretching is not beneficial for most people and your hair will let you know when its time!

  4. Tayo thank you! I guess the best part is knowing i can go a long time without relaxing. I'll be relaxing every 16 weeks now, and that should be a breeze! Well i hope!

  5. I haven't had a relaxer since July last year and I must agree, your hair will let you know when it is time. I have to decide in a week though... To relax, or to big chop

  6. @Etoile Oye Whichever you do decide i say go you! Do what makes you feel happy inside.... and whatever you believe will give you healthy hair :) Let me know the verdict!

  7. sorry about ur hair loss! i'm just getting over the loss i had after a 16week stretch :( NEVER EVER AGAIN.

    Tejiri xx

  8. Aww Tejiri thank you. Im looking forward now, time to get back my thickness! I cant wait to relax and see how my hair is doing x


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