Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Big Chop ?!!

O guys... What a miserable post!

I took my 2nd weave install out yesterday and was not pleased. My ends feel so thin and I have three different hair lengths going on, you'd think I had a funky layering experience!

My take out itself was quite a good one, the usual amount of shedding, a smooth detangling and washing experience etc etc but then when I finally did my rollerset and took a look at my ends I couldn't help but grab for the scissors!!

Anyway a day and some pictures later and I don't think I want to hold on to my 'V' shaped fall. It looks so thin to me :(

I'm strongly considering cutting my hair right back to APL. I know my hair grows and have definitely taken the pledge to healthier, thicker hair over long hair! OMG its true I can't believe I said that!

So what do you think guys? Embrace the 'V' or get cutting?

Of course I'll wait till the LYT Protective style challenge is over and then do the deed!

x edF


  1. Do whatever you feel is healthiest for your hair hun!! I know it's hard to lose inches but if it's necessary then you gotta do what u gotta do!

  2. O Tola! Words of wisdom! Yeah the cut doesn't frighten me anymore! Come November i may even go as far as below shoulder blade!

  3. I agree with Tola. I really feel your pain but ff you feel like your thin ends are going to stunt your healthy growth, then they have to go. I learnt this too! Don't learn the hard way lol. You might as well take control now :). Before you know it, your hair will be thicker and fuller!

  4. So true Debra! Its funny because ive always had thin ish hair. I guess the older hair is reaching its sell by date! I know for sure i wont be learning any hard ways, na uh! thank you :)

  5. I personally prefer a "u" shape so I vote against a blunt, straight APL. I understand your pain though because I am struggling with the same thing. I have decided to do it gradually and maintain at BSL for a couple of years (if it takes that) whenever I reach it. I think it is a matter of personal preference and to be honest from this picture, your ends really do not appear that thin.

  6. @ Ebony: :) thank you for the encouragement! Im sure it wont take years... but hold on your ends look great?!! Yeah i guess November will tell it all!

  7. I prefer a U cut too. If the ends have split, by all means get rid of the before they destroy more of your lovely hair. If it's split-free, then it's your call. Do YOU like the V?
    Perhaps it's time for a break from weave? I feel it's the scalp and new growth that get the most love when we perform our care regimes whilst in protective styles.

  8. Uh, before you cut you might want to take a peek at this:

    Though I'm sceptical of the theory full stop, it could just be an extreme case of lead hair. Either way, good luck! ^_^
    *back to lurking*


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