Wednesday, 7 September 2011

todays hair : Weave wash day

After a comment from the BF yesterday asking if the blog was taking a commercial turn due to the giveaways and reviews, it became apparent that I haven't blogged much about my hair lately!

Commercial is definitely not the niche I am going for right now! This blog is my hair haven and despite giveaways and goodies the root of the blog will always be my hair journey and healthy hair. So welcome back Fiona's hair (okay well weave for now!)

I gave my hair a much needed wash yesterday, it had been 2 weeks and product build up was staring me in the face. I can't say washing hair whilst wearing a weave is fun, but I definitely know how to go about it...So here is what I did.

Step 1
- I separated my leave out hair from my weave and put my weave in a braid which was held by an elastic band. I then applied Philip Kingsley's Hair Elasticizer Pre-Shampoo treatment to my leave out hair and twisted it.

- After letting the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer sit for 10 minutes I then jumped into the shower rinsed out the Pre-Shampoo treatment and commenced with shampooing my leave out hair.

- After shampooing, I rinsed out the Shampoo (Philip Kingsley) twisted my leave out hair into a section and then commenced to shampooing my weave. Though the weave was in a braid I was still able to use my fingertips to access and wash my scalp and also wash the braid itself. 

- With all traces of Shampoo gone i applied the Philip Kingsley Conditioner all over my hair; both leave out hair and the weave.

- After 5 minutes i thoroughly rinsed out the Conditioner and detangled my leave out hair. Weave braid still in tact, I dried my hair and squeezed out any excess water.

Step 2

- I applied a homemade Leave-In Conditioner spray all over my hair.

- Then i applied a dime size amount of my fave Serum (Pantene Pro V Repair and Care) all over my hair.

- With the slip given by the hair Serum, i then was able to take out my weave braid and detangle the weave using a wide tooth comb. Once detangled I used another dime size amount of hair Serum all over my hair and re-braided my weave.

-Air-dried overnight

- The next day, my hair was dry. I unraveled the twisted section of my leave out hair and straightened it.

- The next step was then to unravel my weave braid, and voila my waves were fresh and hair felt light and bouncy.

NB: Instead of having to re- straighten my leave out hair on a daily basis, I also do pincurls or a bantu knot out. These work perfectly because my weave is wavy! #Less Heat damage wohoo!

x edF


  1. Hey! Fiona! Me again lol.
    I'm finally teaching my own class :D and in November/ December or maybe earlier in october I'm planning on getting weave :s for the first time...only because I'm tired of doing my extensions and really want a new many people think I'm still 16 *sigh* which doesn't help when the children's parents are old enough to be my parents lol. I'm hoping to get a full head though because my hair loves to break when its out especially when I'm stressed. the crucial question...would you recommend it?
    P.S. I LOOOOOOVE your blogs :) xxxxx

  2. I love the waves in your hair - looks very pretty! Can't wait to see your progress when the challenge ends :-)

  3. @ Chloe- Haha.. that is hilarious! Yes i have NEVER seen you in a weave! Now this is exciting! Full head sounds like a smart option, especially because you know that your hair breaks when left out! To be honest all you can do is give it a try. My hair is fine when in weave or braids whereas some people can hack a weave but not braids and vice versa. If you do a search on weave on the blog there are some posts that will help. I believe a weave can be great if you look after it whilst in and take extra extra care when taking it out. Do u have someone to do it? Let me know i can send you some contacts x

  4. @ FEG - aww thank you! Me too, i'm so curious to see it! * bites nails*

  5. What kind of weave are you wearing?

  6. Hey flow :) It is a brazilian weave from 'Good Hair' on facebook


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