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Product Review | Mazuri Organics

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Pricey ☆☆☆
Below average, will not be using again 
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N.B - I only add ingredients if I am able to find them online for all products that I am reviewing.

Mazuri Organics Olive Oil Moroccan Oil Sheen Spray
Price: £1.69 
Claims: Mazuri Organics Olive Oil Moroccan Oil Sheen Spray. Contains organic Olive oil and organic Argan oil. Moroccan oil is one of the rarest and richest oils in the world, and has been long known for rejuvenating moisture in hair and skin. Rich in vitamin E, phenolic acid and carotenes, Moroccan oil is correctly called Argan Oil, an oil traditionally extracted by hand, from the fruit of the argan tree grown in Morocco, hence Moroccan oil.
LYT Rating: Guys this is the best Oil Sheen Spray I have EVER used! Do you remember me mentioning a spray my sister used as air freshener because it was just that yummy? Well this is the one! Even though this product was sent as free to try, I will never say I like something if I genuinely do not. This spray is all you need in a sheen spray. Its adds the perfect gloss to dead dull looking tresses and the smell is out of this world! A bubblegum, flower all spice type scent to be precise! We (myself and my sisters) used this product in the space of 2 weeks. It became a handbag item and whats more acts as your very own hair freshener. Undoubtedly worth ❤❤❤
Mazuri Organics Olive Oil Texturizer Softening Hair Mud
Price: £3.99 ☆☆
Claims: Mazuri Organics Olive Oil Texturizer Softening Hair Mud by Mazuri Products. It revitalizes and strengthens, moisturizes and softens, detangles and shines your hair.
LYT Rating: This hair mud is meant to be used before styling your hair. I used a dime size amount on my hair and found it was too heavy a product for my freshly straightened tresses. On the other hand it worked quite well in adding a softness to a 3 day old twist out on my younger sisters natural hair. 

Mazuri Organics Olive Oil Texturizer Finishing Spray 
Price: £3.99 ☆☆
Claims: Mazuri Organics Olive Oil Texturizer Finishing Spray moisturizes and defines your hair, adds shine and manageability to them and it is anti-frizz finishing spray.
LYT Rating: Similar to the Oil Sheen this spray made my hair glam and shiny. It practical coated my strands with a layer of gloss. Having fallen in love with the Oil Sheen spray I must say I won't be needing something that gives me a similar result. All in all it did add shine and aided in making my hair smoother thus more manageable. I give this product  ❤❤
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  1. I have been using mazuri hair line and it works well for me, I have 3b hair, my hair is extremely thick however and i need to reduce the thickness without loosing my curls, I am thinking of using mazuri oil oil texturiser for kids, care to advise? or recomend an alternative?

  2. Hey Salz, sorry for the late reply. My comments were disabled! Texturiser does have more delicate effects but you may still lose your curls to some extent. Texturiser is the closest method for what you seem to be after. Are you natural?

    Embrace your thickness! Or give me some, i'll glady take it!

  3. Hi my name is Amanda,
    I have been natural all my life and used the texturizer last august to soften my 4c texture hair so I can wear it out as a 'fro but recently I have been experiencing a lot of breakage and I'm sure it's because I'm not used to caring after chemically treated hair/wearing it out of plaits/braids etc.
    Are there any products in the Mazuri line that will help because all I hear are good things about Mazuri products... or should I look somewhere else?

    1. Hi Amanda, I would definitely say hair practices are just as important as products and you should consider factors such as your moisture protein balance first. When you say breakage is this complete strands of hair or just tiny pieces of broken hair? I am not a user of Mazuri products as they do not work for my hair, but depending on your breakage type I am more than happy to recommend practices and potential products I am familiar with x

  4. Hi there, I came across your site as I wanted some feedback around the Mazuri Organics Olive Oil Texturizer Softening Hair Mud before using it as I received about 6 sample packs.

    I love it and it's made my hair feel soft and moisturised, so I'll definitely be getting the full size. I may even try out the full range, as I need different products for different stages of my hair care! (I'm a natural 4b with very thick and long hair)

    Thanks for your review.

    1. Hey Char! I personally don't use the mud but I think if you love it and it works for you then you should definitely stick to it :) It worked well for my younger sisters hair but now she uses something different x


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