Monday, 19 September 2011

Corrine Bailey Rae on natural haircare

Browsing the blogs as I do, and I came across an interview on BET with Corinne Bailey Rae about how she maintains her beautiful head of hair.

Here are her top tips:
Corinne Bailey Rae on Haircare ...

If you wear your natural hair out, chances are you’re washing it often, which can dry it out and cause breakage. Good products can help hold curls and ward off frizz. “Most of the time when I do my hair I wash it and I use two different Aveda products: Shampure and Aveda Damage Remedy,” 

As most of us who go natural know, it’s not always as easy as doing nothing. Corinne’s tip for holding up her curls: “Put the conditioner in it, comb it out, then wash out the conditioner. Braid it into four big plats and keep it like that for a day. Then unravel the braids and you have curls that will stay.”

The importance of trimming...
“You have to get your hair cut regularly. Most of the people I know say ‘Oh I haven’t cut my hair in seven years, it never grows it’s been this way the whole time,’ when really it hasn’t been that way, it’s been grown.” 

“If you get the ends cut solid so they don’t split they’re not going to break and your hair’s going to grow. People who think their hair doesn’t grow, it’s not true, everyone’s hair grows. You are cutting your hair with your hair brush and comb if you’re not getting it cut regularly. The breakage at the end makes you think it’s not growing.”

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  1. Her hair is so pretty!

    "My hair doesn't grow" --- this phrase gets under my skin so much because it's the number one hair myth.

  2. tell me bout it Jeni! Amother day in the hair care world!


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