Sunday, 11 September 2011

Weave take out install #2 : Ayurvedic Coconut relaxer

The LYT Protective style challenge has literally flown by! I cannot believe 6 months are over in 2 months!!! In preparation for my second weave install take out,  I have decided to give my hair a full blown Ayurvedic treatment.

When I first started this hair journey I'll admit I had no knowledge whatsoever on Ayurveda. It wasn't until this year that I began to appreciate the amazing properties of herbal powders and oils.

You all know how fond I am of the famous 'Coconut Relaxer', so I will be giving myself a 30 minute deep conditioning treatment with heat. I made the mix today so that the mix is more potent and the wonderful powders can release their herbal goodness between now and my hair take down next week.

2 cups Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
1 tsp vitamin E oil ( 15 vitamin E oil capsules)
10 drops Eucalyptus oil
5 drops Lavender oil
1 tsp Brahmi powder
1 tsp Neem powder
Henna mix- [ 1 heap tsp of BodyArtQuality Henna mixed with 5 tsps water]

- Add 2 cups of EVCO to desired tub/container
- Add Vitamin E oil, Eucalyptus oil, Lavender oil to EVCO and mix
- Add Brahmi and Neem powder to EVCO and mix
- In separate container mix Henna and water
- Add Henna mix to EVCO and mix
- Store in Cool dark place

Hair Benefits

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil - Coconut oil has a high affinity for hair proteins and, because of its low molecular weight is able to penetrate inside the hair shaft

Vitamin E oil - Vitamin E works by stabilizing the cell membranes in your hair follicles, therefore encouraging hair growth. Free radicals can damage your hair cells as well as the other types of cells in your body, therefore vitamin E helps to protect them

Brahmi- When massaged onto your scalp and hair, the antioxidant properties found in Brahmi oil can nourish and replenish hair roots and help alleviate the itching and flaking associated with dandruff

Neem- The Neem tree is a medicinal Indian herb well known for its powerful anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-oxidant properties.

Henna- The henna dye molecule binds with the keratin bonds in our hair thus making our hair stronger and more resistant to breakage. It smoothens the hair cuticle by filling out rough spots on the frayed cuticle, which also results in softer hair. Henna helps to darken hair and give it a richer, shinier look as well as adding a red tint to hair which can be seen in bright light but in normal light makes hair look darker and more lustrous. It is a non chemical dye and therefore safe for our hair.

Lavender oil- Lavender oil has balancing, soothing, regenerative, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Its most common use is for stress reduction and help to soothe and relax the scalp from irritation.

Eucalyptus oil- Eucalyptus oil helps to get rid of dandruff, which in turn helps to promote  healthy hair growth. It increases the elasticity of hair via increased ceramide production. Ceramides create a protective barrier around your hair thus allowing your hair to hold in moisture and protein. Not only does it have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibacterial properties, it is also a scalp stimulant.

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  1. where do you buy your brhami and neem powder from?

  2. I'm from the UK so I always order it from

    Many asian and arfo-carib hair shops also sell it, but be sure it is 100% pure/natural


  3. how long do you leave this in and does it really relax your hair?

    1. At times overnight and other times just for 40 minutes with heat. It doesn't relax hair like a chemical relaxer, what I meant is that it smoothed and softened my hair extremely well


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