Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Diary of a mixtress : Shea butter green tea jasmine face pudding

Antioxidant Boost

- The way to younger looking skin -

Your skin is your largest organ and therefore it is extremely important to take good care of it. Antioxidants protect the skin by preventing the production of free radicals, which are damaging to skin cells. Antioxidants improve the appearance of your skin, as well as help reduce signs of aging. They also help to calm inflamed skin and are wonderfully natural.

Here's something i made earlier...


-Shea butter-
-Green Tea-


- Place your desired amount of shea butter into a mixing bowl
- Open green tea bag's and sprinkle contents evenly over shea butter
- Continue to add green tea until you are able to fully cover the shea butter and not see much of its yellow appearance.
- Using a hand whisk or blender bring mix to a creamy, fluffy consistency.

- Apply mix to face and begin to rub in a circular motion with fair pressure.
- Once satisfied use a warm wet face towel and apply over face to create steam effect
- Do this 2-3 times and then use warm towel to now remove substance from face

Tip: After rubbing, leave pudding on face for 5 minutes whilst prepping warm water bowl bath for face towel.  

Et voila! Supple soft skin before bed!!!

P.s no time to mix... make yourself a cup of green tea!

Avec amour...


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