Monday, 31 October 2011

Different shades of love : Samantha Chioma

I loved once and it was coloured red
It was fierce, and it was passionate
And it wasn’t going to listen to what anybody said to it.
It was fun and it was hopeful, but it burned me up so bad on the inside
And when I was out in public I had to mix it with some blue
So people would think I wasn’t that into it
So people would think that I was cool.

I loved once and it was a yellow type of love
A free type of love, dare I say, the purest type of love.
And it listened to me and it made me laugh
It sat back and it watched me in the moments when I wasn’t looking
And when I caught it, it turned its face shyly away
And because I didn’t put any red in it, it grew tired of me
So when it withdrew and guarded its brightness from me, I decided I didn’t really love it anyway.

I thought my love was blue once
A cool, laidback, sky light kind of blue.
It was decisive, it was purposeful and it was a self-sacrificial kind of blue.
But it was confused.
It was, by nature, strong and bold and had the potential to be the greatest kind of love of them all
But it was a fearful and unstable shade of love, so I mixed in some white
Because I thought it would soften it and make it last longer.
But I mixed in too much and it forgot who it was.

So now I love in multicolour
A pretty, assorted, emotional kind of kaleidoscope
And my love is confident, and jealous, and possessive, and red.
And it’s daring, and insecure and overwhelming and blue.
It’s yellow: patient, thoughtful and distant, but loyal
It’s all kinds of fuscias, and oranges, teals, violets and torquoise
And it’s mauve, magenta and it’s deep coloured midnight.
I’m learning to love in every hue, every shade and every tint.
I’m learning to love loving all of it.

I love reading beautiful pieces like this one. Sam writes so beautifully and has a luring collection of short stories, heart to hearts and inspiring words from the soul of a virtue seeking woman.

Avec amour...
edF ❥

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