Friday, 21 October 2011

guess who's back baby!

I'm back! Pop champagne!!! Buy a car! Go wild!
Oh guys where do I start! 4 weeks and 2 days since my last post and I’m guess you’re thinking this heffa dares to come back... well my absence was not something I planned, I didn't elope or travel around the world ... truth is someone very dear to me passed away and a break from cyber life was more than needed. I can't say thank you enough to the readers who kept messaging to check up on me, that's the beauty in blogging... the friendhsips you can build! But that aside guys so so much has been going on hairwise!
- I've majorly updated my castor oil challenge mix and am currently testing its growth rate potential! 

- I've made an oil and water based pre poo! It is like heaven in a jar, I cant wait to share it with you, mango, vanilla and more!

- I'm back in uni! Final year bring it orrrn. Workload is intense, but success is a challenge so I'm striving.
Hmm what else... I bought me a tripod, enrolled myself unto a photo society group course and am currently pulling my hair out trying to teach myself how to use photoshop CS5.
So that's about it really....
bring on the blog posts!
(P.s I have exclamation marks everywhere! Eurgh there goes another one... that has to be grammatically incorrect right?!)

Avec amour...

❥ edF

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