Saturday, 28 January 2012

Hair | How to be a better Product Junkie... QUICK TIPS!

The word junkie is usually negatively used but hello it's 2012 baby and 'junkie' is the new way of saying 'crazy about'... ever heard of Jesus Junkie? Well it follows the same suit!

I can confess I am a hair product junkie, and slowly becoming a shoe, clothes and jewellery junkie! Eeek!!!

However, fortunately my years of studying Econ and a serious African upbringing, have taught me how to save the odd dollar, so thank God I've found me a balance. Here are some quick tips on how to keep your inner PJ satisfied but not broke!

# Swipe swipe keep the change lol

I don't care what anyone says, I am never too shy to ask for samples. In fact I would never have discovered my love for Dermalogica products if I didn't get me some samples first!  Back to topic, hair samples do exist! You can even buy tiny trial sizes from online hair retailers like 'Anita Grant' and 'British Curlies' to name a few. I have a stash of samples under my bed that I've tried and will never try again! Imagine if I had bought them!!!

Learn to compare your favourite hair products. I'm not saying you shouldn't try something new, but if you're looking for something worth investing in and know you have product junkie traits, why not look at some of the key ingredients in some of your favourite hair products and look for the same ingredients in the new product you're after. That way you might just have similar results!

Reviews are your no.1 stop for product truth. Before you dash the dollar and splurge, it's worth seeing what the hairsphere thinks... in fact why not find a review on Youtube or check out the product site, there are usually tons of reviews. 

So there you go... some quick tips for those quick product junkie fingers! Let me know if i've saved you the odd quid *wink wink*!!!

Avec amour...

edF ❥

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