Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Love Your... 2012 Happy New Year

Hi lovelies,

Happy New Year! A few days late I know but as you know, blogging was on pause for some days a.k.a some much needed maintenance.

Now I'm back and so excited about what the New year has to bring so here are the changes and goals that 2012 promises ^_^ !!!

2012 Blog Changes

- You'll be seeing many more personal posts as well as Haircare posts, did I hear Fashion, Makeup/Skincare and D.I.Y?!!

2012 Hair Mission

- Take Biotin supplement daily
- 4 inches of Hair growth by Nov 2012 (including trims)
- Perfect my roller-setting technique
- Increase baggying and GHE (GreenHouseEffect)

Hair length Archive

Nov 2009: Past Shoulder length
Nov 2011: Bra strap length
Late Nov 2011: Big chop to Shoulder length

Last relaxer: Nov 2011
Next relaxer : currently attempting to transition


I will be answering all backlogged emails and comments today - sorry for the wait!

All xmas giveaway winners should receive their parcels this week!

My Hairstyle video tutorial for the 30 days 30 hairstyle challenge will be recorded and posted next week - had to postpone due to swimming.

What do you think about the new header? Likey or no likey?!

Avec amour...

edF ❥


  1. Please could you do a post on GHE.. I know you will explain it well.

    Mi likey the new header.

    I look forward to reading the blog in 2012

  2. I'll start prepping one asap.. aww glad u like... phewie!

    Thank u much!


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