Sunday, 22 January 2012

New Hair Do | 18 inch Weave !!! Yikes

Did I mention that I would be resorting to a weave as a protective style for the next 6-8 weeks? Well now you know! I have NEVER used 18' in my hair so the length still makes me feel weird! The longest i've had is 16' and that was with curly hair!

I've convinced the sis [Love Lamide] to give the hair a big trim seeing as she refuses to cut it!
I'll be doing a bi-weekly update on youtube and uploading a review of the hair aswell as a maintenance 101 video... so stay tuned ^_^ !!!

What do you think ... keep the length or trim trim trim?

P.s any guesses on what kind of hair it it?

Avec amour...

edF ❥


  1. Keep keep keep!
    The hair looks lovely on you. :)

  2. Lovely!
    I say keep the length, just cut some nice layers into it to frame your face and make it feel lighter (and less daunting) lol!

    I CANNOT guess which type of hair this is.

    Will you share soon?

  3. Do you plan on curling because after a while it will become obvious where your actual hair stops and the weave continues..if you curl it it will blend in better.


  4. @Shereen! Thank you! I will - i like Debras idea of getting it layered a little bit, the blunt cut looks odd! x

    @debra- thanks hun. I will defo get me some layers, that way it'll look more real!!! I defo will in my next weave post/video! Its not something i usually try! x

    @Anon - I will definitely be giving the hair a good curling in the next week or two! As for now i just want to enjoy it straight :D. I have a good hand at making my hair blend, so hopefully it'll last x

  5. The hair looks great on you! My longest weave length has always been 16 inches and even then I've had it trimmed. I'm working up the nerve to go for 18!!!

    1. Aww we are alike then! I'll be getting it layered though! 18 is so long! I feel like the daughter in the adams family!!! I think 18 layered will work though! Go for it!!! x


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