Tuesday, 20 March 2012

4 months in... Transitioners Twist Out

Without even realising it I've passed my 4 months post relaxer and 4 months into my transition anniversary! I've mentioned so many times how so not into twist outs and braid outs I am, but on a quest to reduce heat damage and embrace my soon to be head of natural hair, i've decided it's time I started experimenting!

I won't say that this was the best of attempts at a twist-out, but it has definitely geared me into wanting to achieve an even better one! I simply sectioned my hair after washing and made 10 chunky twists, securing each one with a perm rod. My AtOne Leave-in Conditioner gave some much needed slip and a dab of Ecostyler on each twist helped to give each curl some hold. 

My next attempt at an even better twist/braid-out will be in May when I hit 6 months into my transition and when I will be embarking on a no heat in May challenge, in order to reduce heat damage. I would say no heat in April but I have a few events I am attending, [weddings! wohoo] and a failed twist-out/braid-out is simply not going to cut it! 

It was nice being able to see how much natural vs relaxed hair I have so I got edit happy and marked it out for you! 

P.s. my first transitioners diary entry goes up this week! So everyone who is wondering why I am transitioning... imma tell you there!

Avec amour...

edF ❥


  1. Love it! I'm transitioning as well and am about the same amount post-relaxer as you! Good luck on your transition, I'm sure I will learn a few tips from you.

    1. I'm sure I the same from you too! Bring on the transition!

  2. Lol I'm sure your twist outs and braid outs will get better over time. I'm approaching my 3 month post relaxer anniversary..But I've been natural before. Keep it up!!

    1. Thank you Jess- i hope and believe so too! Thank you, I will! x


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