Thursday, 8 March 2012

Life in Protective Styles... today's hair in pics!

Weave is out this weekend so i'm finishing off with a blast! It's been fun whilst it's lasted- definitely opting for another weave in May... exams will mean some serious protective styling!

Avec amour...

edF ❥


  1. so pretty!!! the length looks great on you and had you not stated it was a weave, I'd be none the wiser!

  2. OMG. Your hair is beautiful. Not to mention you are a REALLY beautiful girl. Your smile is to die for. Keep it up beauty queen :)

    And I may start doing the sew ins during exams now that I've seen you with it :O

    1. Wow Raven, thank you so much :) Yes they definitely make studying that bit easier! Now I've taken it out god knows how long getting ready will now take!!! x

  3. Gorgeous! Love love love it and I love you, you're fabulous. I can't wait until you do the post where you tell us what kind of hair it is :)

  4. Hey Patrice :) Thank you :) I did a video on the hair and mentioned that it was 'Sleek Fashion Idol' lengths 12' 14' and 18' xxx


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