Thursday, 29 March 2012

Wednesday's words... moved to Thursday! Debate on Afro Hair Manchester University ACS

I should be progressing with a dissertation right now but the beautiful ladies; Belle from Natural Belle and Crystal from UNITED KinKdom posted this video link. Though i've been enjoying our mini tweet frenzy on the issue - I must say in all seriousness the hair debate is definitely a sensitive issue in the UK, and quite far behind it's US comrades who have advanced far and beyond.
 There's one thing I've come to stand for over the past 2 years and that is that a woman should not be defined by her hair type, and even more to the point, should not be labelled as unattractive because she choses natural over relaxed hair. Anyway this video definitely was quite heated! Glad I wasn't there! Let me know your thoughts on the topic...


P.s I completely forgot to post my topic for Wednesdays words, perhaps fate made me wait till today! Haha just kidding will resume next week [smacks hand]!

Avec amour...
edF ❥

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