Sunday, 10 June 2012

Inside Story | Curls Unleashed ORS Lavish Suite UK

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For all of you who are tweeties like myself, you'll have learned on the tweetosphere that this week has been one super duper busy one in the UK Hairsphere, and this event was one of the events that graced London with its presence.

Once again I met up with my chica Michelle from KurlsKoilsKinks, we stuffed ourselves with food before the event, and then arrived and first on the agenda was mingle mingle mingle! This event was a tad bit different as you'll come to see from the pictures, there was an eyelash bar and nail bar and all in all a crew of beautiful ORS reps who were so sweet and kept us happy all night.

 I absolutely loved the atmosphere, it was buzzing and vibrant and got even more heated when Omar soothed us with his melodic notes and had everyone in a dancing mood.

Laughter was.... Infectious! Especially in one of the corners with Chelle, Natalie and Nicola, [who you may remember from her fab diary of a tress lover feature], those ladies are a bag of fun and had me in stitches [literally!]

All in all I was partyed out, got home and knocked right out! My goody bag was more like a salon sized goody pack bag, and I've already found a new use for the Curl Jelly which somehow has made me decide on not needing to invest in some more Ecostyler Gel anytime soon!

A huge soldier salute and thank you to Lukwesa, our beautiful host and founder of Gidore, and ORS for having us for the night! It was a fab do!

Get ready for photo overload...!!!

Chelle getting her lashes did by Kissed Lashes
Fresh mani... yum!
Had to give Tope of Mahogany Naturals the glam award of the night... S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G!

Smiling beauty Lukwesa... now I know why Sky News loves her! It's the dimples!!!
Lavish Suite 
Mary & Sally - Haircare brings folks together...really!

Laughter heals!

Omar making faces before putting us in a trance with his voice!
Gwarn Crystal!!!
Chelle capturing beautiful London by night

Avec amour... 
 Fiona ❥


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