Monday, 18 June 2012

Weekend Pinterest D.I.Y | Chocolate covered Strawberry Grooms

For those of you who don't know about Pinterest major news alerts... It's the B-O-M-B! I'm ride or die for Tumblr but no joke Pinterest is an absolute paradise for D.I.Y lovers like myself who crave to be visually indulged, and even more importantly, who love to store images of things they desire to own, buy or make in the future! I've even got a Wifey Project Board on there! You know how we do... fail to prepare and prepare to fail *wink wink*

In hopes of stimulating the mind of my poor little sister who finds herself extremely bored in a house full of grown divas who spend all of their time blogging or in cyber world, I decided to commit Sunday afternoons to a splash of D.I.Y fun with my little pudding pot a.k.a baby sis Mary! She's actually so much more fun than the other two boring sisters grumpy Mo and Lambchops... #whoneedsthemanyway!

So here is what we got up to!

[Did I mention we threw the Groom in there as our Fathers Day gift to the pops! Cheapest but yummiest gift to date! #word!]

The Ingredients

The Process
To begin with we melted the white chocolate in the microwave stirring at 20 second intervals. When melted Mary dunked each strawberry [pre-washed] into the chocolate.
Hope no one's watching!
Once covered into the fridge for 5 minutes they go! Side note: will invest in non-stick paper next time, foil wasn't the best option.

The Results
To create the 'V' shape dip strawberries in milk chocolate at 45 degree angles vertically.
She did them all by herself minus the bow! #Teardrop... so proud!

The Bloopers!!!

Whoopsie my hand slipped!
Fat kid loves cake? Did I explain the earrings???!!! Her little ear holes are closing so I found a gentle stretching technique!!! Hoochie Mama earrings!
Making me look a fool! Dribble vs Indulge!

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Avec amour...



  1. Aww such a cute post!! you both have lovely skin! xx

  2. You are so full of joy. Stay lovely Fiona.

  3. These pictures are too cute. And i LOVE chocolate strawberries... but strangely, i dont really like strawberries lol

    Stop by and say HI!
    Confessions Of A City Girl

  4. mmmmmh
    can wait to get mine cuties


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