Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Hair Update | Diary of a Transitioner... 7 months post relaxer

It's been a while since I've discussed my hair in its transitioned state, but following a comment I received at one of the recent Hair events I attended, I just had to give folks an update!

'Your transition is a breeze, you make it look so easy'

Haha if only money grew on trees and all men were as hot as Lance G! To call this transition a breeze would be the biggest lie I ever told to date! That is not to say however that I'm ripping my hair out like a damsel in distress dreaming about my wonderful days with the creamy crack! 

If there's one strength I have that has made my transition go smoothly [touch wood], it has got to be hands down some good ol' patience. [Ok and forever deep conditioning too!]. Now that my hair is clearly two textures detangling, combing and washing are all done with extreme care, even if it takes that extra 20 mins.

My regime and the products/staples I use are pretty much the same as when I relaxed my hair, however with regards to changes with my hair, unlike a few months ago my hair appears to be much dryer, and my once loved wash day Anita Grant shampoo bar now only works as a clarifying/deep cleansing shampoo. As a weekly shampoo I now find it all too drying. 
I have also noticed that this shampoo brings my curls out every time I use it. I never ever get the texture I have in this picture unless I use an Anita Grant bar! Now that's a discovery I'll be looking further into!

Anyway here are a few pics I've taken this month! Can you believe how much shrinkage I have in the photo below! Cray cray or what?! 

Side note: I'm looking forward to my 7 month length check and trim next week... can't believe I've held out so long! Plus I'll be back on the YouTube grind too! It's been a while ^_^

My bad boy curl courtesy of simply washing my face... God knows I'm hoping my whole head of hair will be the same!
Just a few pics of my hair 5 months post or more

Any Stretchers/Transitioners with tips to get me through the next 15 ish months are most welcome!!!

P.s. I'll be uploading an album unto the LYT Facebook Page with transitioning pics tonight so that you can check out my previous pics and transitioning journey there too!

Avec amour...



  1. Your hair looks BEAUTIFUL Fiona!!! The longest I've stretched my relaxer was 30 weeks post. I found the key to stretching for me is moisture, I'm sure you hear it alot but for me that was key. Being gentle with my hair. Another BIG plus was detangling in the shower in sections:) Hope this helps alittle. I wish you the very best on your transition.

  2. I'll admit I was one of the ones thinking "dang this is easy for her!!!" Its coming along beautifully!

  3. you're doing a great job
    your hair is looking good
    Cowashes an baggy were my bff then

  4. Loving your hair :) Im a new follower.. I just started transitioning so your a great inspo :) Take Care xx

  5. I love your texture, your hair looks beautiful. I haven't had a relaxer for 7 months now. I also started my transitioning journey, this just inspired me to continue to hang in there and not give up.

    1. thank you hun, you can do it, it's not always easy but the reward is amazing ! x


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