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3thirty Salon Review & Final Transitioner Cut

In my three years of posting I've written just one salon review and that was for Darren Scott, quite simply put my past times haven't seen too many great salon experiences e.g. the trim that turns into a cut, relaxer left on for way too long whilst stylist does someone else's hair, using a tail comb to comb through my hair, you name it, it's happened! So when a salon contacts me to come in for a treatment I read reviews, look at their treatment list and even give them a call to see how friendly they are as well as ask a few cheeky styling questions, you know to see if they can really handle my transitioning hair! I'm not trying to leave any salon bald so don't judge me!

When contacted to review 3thirty there were a few things that worked in the salons favour having not been before:

1- Keysha Davis [Blackhair Magazine Editor] had reviewed the beauty area of the salon and had good things to say
2) The salon interior = #drool
3) I had read a fair amount of 'good' reviews

So my appointment was booked and I went in for my treatment. The salon was absolutely stunning and literally a no more than 5 minute walk from the station. It was exceptionally clean and I was given a warm welcome upon arrival.

Nikki the stylist introduced herself and we discussed my hair and what I wanted to have done [Wash, Moroccan Oil Treatment & Cut].

The process was extremely quick, Nikki shampooed my hair twice and then followed up with conditioner before then going on to apply the infamous Moroccan Oil treatment, we'll get to my thoughts on that soon! Unlike during my Argan Oil treatment at the Darren Scott salon I did not go under the dryer, instead my hair steamed under a huge thick towel for 20 minutes. Upon rinsing out the product I found my hair was no where near as soft as when treated with the Inoar Argan Oil. My thoughts were simply that the treatment did nothing for my hair, whilst also that a natural heat tool such as my trusty HairTherapyWrap would have been more ideal in creating a non-artificial warm environment. Either way my verdict was Moroccan Oil is overrated and I have no desire to give it a second chance... £30+ a pop for an oil treatment is a tad bit too pricey in my opinion.

All in all Nikki was great and took her time to detangle my hair with a wide tooth comb, finishing off with a scalp massage that almost knocked me out and had me forget about how unimpressed I was with the oil treatment.

Styling was also a breeze, Nikki told me all of the products she would use on my hair which were from the Mizani range, and then parted my hair in small sections and began to brush blow dry, applying a heat protector to each section of parted hair. She then straightened my hair and before I knew it we were done! Definitely the fastest wash & style experience I have had to date, it was pretty much effortless and I was very happy with the results.

Now the main question... 3thirty or Darren Scott? I personally can't chose, it would boil down to my location on the day as both are located in very different parts of London.

 Finally here are some pics including my third and final transitioner hair cut, I was relieved to see my hair was still intact and healthy!

Life of a transitioner!!!

Third & final cut since transitioning

Avec amour...



  1. Your hair has grown so much, she did a really awesome job and the salon is so lovely.

  2. OMG Fi! You're hair looks AMAZING!!!

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

  3. thank you sisters, that's put a smile on my face xxx

  4. Girl I saw the title of this post and read absolutely NOTHING at first! Scrolled straight down to the "cut" photo! LOL. Then I went back up and read. In the US, we have two major hair mags and one (Hype Hair) always features one particular salon. When in college I happened to live in the same city and was too excited to visit....and it was A HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT. Long story short, the owner and Editor in Chief of the magazine also owns that particular salon which is why it was always featured so prominently! Of course she used her own salon for photoshoots and such. Ever since then, I've never trusted hair mags! Just thought I'd share my little story since that's how you found your salon, lol. I'm so glad you had an enjoyable experience though, bad salon visits are so stressful!

    1. sis you are giving me life!!! I do exactly the same and then go back and read!!!! Yes that's why the years of diy began but its nice to know some salons exist that still have that good hair service going on!


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