Thursday, 12 September 2013

That "Natural" Weave! How To Make Your Natural Weave Last Longer

I'm sure I'm not the only one that has noticed the increase in "natural" weave/wig wearing this year. Not only has this become a common 'new look' within the celeb world but brands such as Heat-Free Hair Movement have ladies drooling over the different sexy and sassy "natural" hair weaves they have on sale! I for one have become a huge "natural" weave/wig wearer, all I'll say is Creta Girl and that should say the rest! The main question I get about Creta and wearing a "natural" weave or wig is how do you make it last so long?! So here are some of my personal tips on ways to make your natural weave last...

Human "Natural"

Wash day
  • Lightly detangle hair prior to washing [finger detangling should do]
  • Apply shampoo from the weave weft or wig root and lightly stroke hair as you distribute the shampoo downwards
  • Rinse shampoo out at best with lukewarm/cool water, do this until all traces of shampoo/bubbles have disappeared
  • Coat wig/weave in conditioner and allow to condition for 15-20 minutes
  • Rinse & detangle with detangling comb
  • Dry with old t-shirt and allow to air dry
  • Follow up with a few squirts of a leave-in conditioner
  • As with your own hair detangle with a seamless wide tooth comb, or depending on the type of "natural" weave you have, a detangling tool such as a Denman or Tangle Teezer may also do the trick
  • From the bottom upwards! Always detangle starting at the bottom and gradually working your way upwards
  • A leave-in conditioner with good slip can also help aid easier detangling
  • Braid outs, twists outs, perm rods, flexi rods are great ways to avoid heat when rocking "natural" weaves/wigs and keeping them... well, Natural!!!
Bedtime care
  • If you are rocking a "natural" wig then whip that bad boy off at night and let it hang on its princess stool so your own hair can breathe at night!
  • For "natural" weaves you can put your hair in a few braids to help maintain it's wave, curl or kink.
Daily care
  • A light leave-in conditioner to help refresh your hair and keep it moisturised every other day. One of my faves as you know is the Jane Carter Revitalising Leave-In Conditioner!

Synthetic "Natural"

Wash day
  • No washing synthetics! You'll end up with a ball of dry cotton afterwards!!!
  • In most cases the general consensus would be not to detangle however this of course depends on the type of "natural" style you having going on. For curlier weaves/wigs you definitely do not want to try and detangle as this will result a loss of curl and fuzzy type texture. You can use your scissors to snip through tangles but generally detangling is not advised. For kinkier styles you may be able to lightly detangle using your fingers but again with synthetic styles I would give this a mis
  • When it comes to synthetic hair care avoid using any heat whatsoever as your hair will burn baby B-U-R-N! Also styling products will cause product build up which cannot be easily, if at all reversed on synthetic wigs
Bedtime care
  • To make your synthetic do last longer give you hair a break and take your wig off at night. Laying on synthetic hair when we sleep will cause matting, tangling and in most cases reduce the quality of the wigs curl pattern making it last a lot less longer than you bargained for!
Daily care
  • No touching, no detangling and taking your wig off at night should encourage a longer wear! Here is a quick shot of Creta after 3 weeks of wear...

Till tomorrow loves off to make a late night smoothie and catch an episode of Suits!!!

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