Thursday, 26 September 2013

My Staple Products For 'Transitioning' Hair

It dawned on me over the past weekend that I have been adding to my staples list but have yet to write a post on my transitioner regimen and staples!

This isn't quite that post but this video will show you the products that have been crowned my transitoner 'ride or dies'! I'll put together a regimen post and will hopefully have it up for you next week if not the week after!

One more day till the weekend and two more days till I have braids or twists put in!!!

Which do you think braids or twists?

Avec amour...


  1. I vote for twists! There are so many different ways that you can twist your hair. I'm sure either one will be cute tho :)

  2. thank you! To be honest I'm drifting more that way and agree with you :) thank you xxx

  3. Twists are easier to install and take out.

  4. Okro LOL I want some of that ;) Oh I vote for twists too X

  5. Twists! They are much quicker to put in and more importantly - quicker to take out!!!

  6. thank you ladies, yes I agree! I went for the twists! Loving them!!!


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