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Quick Fix | 'All I Want Is Growth' & Some Hair Practices That May Just Get You That!

I've been meaning to write a post on the wonderful topic of hair growth as a whole but who am I kidding in just one post it would probably be the longest read ever, I'd have you at nah mate not checking that blog again!  Diet, genetics, regimens, products, you'd be reading for hours! So I decided to break it down in a hopefully more interesting way kicking it off with this post right here... some of the common 'non-traditional' hair care practices that have taken over the hairsphere in hopes of stimulating, encouraging and speeding up... Hair growth!

[1] S C A L P  M A S S A G E S                                                                                                          

I'm sure you're reading this and have already rolled your eyes... scalp massages... girl really?! Give me a chance to explain. One of the needs of a healthy scalp is a good blood flow to the scalp, it keeps your follicles active and passes on the necessary nutrients needed to encourage growth and healthy sebum production. So of course this happens naturally without you needing to massage your scalp every day, but by giving your scalp a light massage every now and then you increase and encourage blood flow to all areas of your scalp, thus encouraging stimulation... thus encouraging growth.

Scalp massaging tools:
Tangle Teezer, Pronged Scalp Massager, Denman Scalp Massager

[2] G R E E N H O U S E E F F E C T   M E T H O D                                                                   

What is it? The GreenHouseEffect is a method used to promote hair growth and the retention of moisture. It works by creating a warm/humid environment on your scalp [a result of natural body heat] and encourages the natural oils from your scalp to come out and help your hair grow. The method basically traps natural heat beneath your shower cap! It's pretty simple, you coat your damp or dry hair with an oil of choice, throw on your shower cap, throw on your headscarf and let the GHE work its magic for an hour or two... then commence to all things normal!

My thoughts:
- I personally prefer to do the GHE for a maximum of two hours as I find doing this overnight can leave you with wet hair which may cause hygral fatigue, [post on this to come...basically stress to your strands from too much moisture].

- When applying the oil don't feel obliged to throw it all on, just pretend you are sealing. If you are washing your hair afterwards then you can be a bit more generous.

Hair grows faster in warmer environments is my quick sum up of why the GHE method makes sense! Here is the success story video that started it all off... Real Queens Regimen

Example Oils you can use for the GHE Method:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Argan Oil etc
[3] H A I R  G R O W T H  S U P P L E M E N T S                                                                      

I'm not a huge advocate of hair supplements simply because I'm not one for taking pills full stop. But for anyone who doesn't mind taking supplements then this may just be for you. Biotin is most probably the most widely used supplement for hair growth and thickness, it is a member of the vitamin B complex group and Biotin deficiency has been suggested to result in hair loss, hence why using it may help to reduce the likelihood of hair loss and also promote growth.

N.B. Please do your own research and be sure to seek any medical advice from a doctor if you are unsure about whether or not to use hair growth supplements

[4] C A Y E N N E  P E P P E R  I N F U S E D  O I L                                                                  

Yes!!! Pepper! This should really be titled "stimulating scalp oil' but this ingredient is the king of stimulants so I think it deserves the title! Adding stimulating ingredients into your scalp oil to stimulate your scalp is nothing new to hair growth seekers... But have you ever added pepper to your mix? 

How? Add 1 tspn. of Cayenne Pepper to 100ml of oil and allow the mix to concoct for a few days in a cool place. After a few days sieve the pepper out of the oil and use the oil to feed your scalp. 

Please be careful when doing this, no fingers near the eyes! Even super smart folks can get caught out on this one! 

Other stimulants to add to your Oils:

Peppermint Oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil with Pimento Oil, Eucalyptus Oil etc

So that's it for the 'non traditional' hair growth methods/techniques... of course there is sooooo much more to hair growth than these quick fixes so stay tuned for the next quick fix post. P.s. feel free to drop me a line below regarding any of the above I've tried them all!

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