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Back to Uni, Off to Uni £100 Hair Product Giveaway [Closed]

 The best years of my life? Undoubtedly! I honestly wouldn't have traded my uni experience for anything. The friendships you make, the independence, the 3am trips to KFC, the nollywood type tears because you're stressed out beyond sanity [watch a Nigerian movie you'll know what I mean!], the cook ups, the sleepovers... you name it, amazing is an understatement! Let's just say I'm a big fan of Higher Education, not because it's the only route to starting your career because we all know it most certainly is not, but because it's an experience I think everyone should try and have if they can!

But anyway, enough of the nostalgic moments and onto the main topic, ze GIVEAWAY!!!

Going to university was a blessing for me and opened a huge door in my life that has allowed me to be in the position to do this giveaway. I studied Economics and German for the most part of my university life and copped myself a fantastic job in Finance which allows me to use my studied language every darn day, something I really hoped I would be able to do.

Despite being on the earning end of the ladder trust me I know full well how tough uni days can be especially when the pound signs seem awfully low in your account, so this giveaway is here to help out at least on the haircare front, and will hopefully get you through the most part of the year #ProductStashWise!

I thought it would be nice to make the giveaway a bit different so here is what we'll do...

Once the winner has been chosen you can send me an email with a list of products and/or tools that you would like which can be found online only from reputable websites. If you don't have any particular items in mind then we can skype or email and discuss your regimen and some products that may be worth trying. Then I will order the products and have them sent to you.

Entry Info & Requirements

- Leave a comment on this post saying what you are studying, why and what you hope to get out of it and do after university -

- Due to the nature of the giveaway it will only be open to those based in Europe -

- You must be able to prove that you are in university, doing an apprenticeship or doing some sort of higher education work placement  -

Giveaway will close this coming Thursday 17th October @ Midnight, and the winner will be announced the following day in this post as well as on Facebook and on Twitter

Update: The winner is Rahma Sesay!!!

Hello Fiona love the concept behind this giveaway. My name is Rahma and I can't get enough of university/Higher Education so much so, that this is my third time in University. I did my undergraduate in Biochemistry, Masters in Cancer Cell and Molecular Biology and now I am doing my PGCE in Science. Although the idea of science research initially interested me, teaching is something I always new I wanted to do. To help children at such an important point in their lives (adolescence- teenage years) and guide them in the right direction is amazing. I am fully aware that it is hard, but it will be fulfilling. My plans for the future is just to inspire and educate young children into becoming the best that they can possibly be in life.

 Every single entry was amazing, thank you so much for participating, as ever there will definitely be more!

Rahma please drop me a mail at so we can arrange some shopping!

 Avec amour...




  1. I'm studying Law . I chose this course because I wanted to know / attain a formal understanding of the rights afforded to me as well as advocate for those who may have difficulty doing so . After University , I hope to attain a position in a firm specializing in civil litigation.Awesome give-away !!!

  2. Hey Im currently a fresher studying Biochemistry mainly because I've always been that annoying child that asks "why?" loool. To be completely honest I just love knowing how and why things work at their very basic level so that when there is a problem you can work from the ground up. With my degree I hope to work for a pharmaceutical company doing research and development of products but cosmetics specifically ( fingers crossed skin care and black hair care ) So i know whats going into products so that I can say 'yes this is actually pure coconut oil' haha. I dunno maybe I'm a little ambitious but it is a dream of mine to have done the research and have the science to back up my own line of products i can be proud of.

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  4. Hello my name is Tosin and I am currently in my final year of an economics and finance degree and I hope to work as an actuary once I have finished. I really enjoy learning about finance and working with numbers. This prize would be ideal for me as natural hair products can sometimes be quite expensive and my university is in an area where they are not easily available.

  5. I am studying Law at Leicester University. I intend to use my law degree for Human Rights activism.
    I am also a volunteer worker at JUST Fairtrade Shop Leicester.

  6. I am studying Biomedical sciences.To venture into the realm of science and medicine is to pursue a path of boundless discovery; I am in awe of how much humanity has been shaped by medical advances, paving the way for new cures and better anatomical understanding. Civilisation itself relies solely upon such advances, thus the urge to contribute to an ever-changing profession has long since ignited my interest in a biomedical science course. Furthermore , in the future , I would like to pursue a career in medicine particular obstetrics/gynaecology.

  7. I am currently studying Politics and International relation and I'm in my final year, after my master degree, I plan to work in International diplomacy in an organisation that regulates trade relations.

  8. Hiya,
    my name Paulina I'm currently in my placement year slash gap year studying business management and HR. I chose this degree as I wanted to understand the business environment and also I love working with people. After my degree I plan to do postgraduate degree in HR management or Careers Guidance.

  9. Hello, I'm studying Chemistry at Warwick because I love it! I'm an adventurous girl and I like going into labs and experimenting and getting to make something that looks like a witch's cauldron. Chemistry is such a time demanding course, so you really need to be organised with your time and be able to research the safety of your experiment before you go into the lab. You just can't afford to go wrong. I feel like I've already learnt a lot about organisation, researching and positive procrastination. University is not only about my Chemistry degree, but also about the change I can create by being a society executive, the lifelong friends I'm making and most importantly that I will be much more employable in 3 years time. I'm not sure what exactly I want to go into when I graduate, but I know it will be an exciting new adventure.

  10. Hello my name is Hurayrah. i'm studying medicine in Hungary and hope to practice as a pediatrician soon. I'm in months post big chop..still twa though lol. it would be really lovely to have a bit of help getting into the healthy natural zone and since there's very little natural hair products here it kinda more difficult. email is just in case i win haha #okbye

  11. I am a 2nd year law student! I definitely feel like law chose me and not the other way around! I love reading and generally learning new things and my law degree has certainly provided me with this and a whole lot more that i didnt bargain for! despite the ups and downs i certainly wouldnt swap this degree for any other. i hope to work in an international law firm where i am able to travel to different countries, especially europe. im not quite sure what i want to specialise in but i am interested in a range of sectors from IP and technology to employment law.

  12. Hiii, Im Simi and im a fresher studying Biomedical Sciences at st Georges because i think that the human body is such a beautiful and intricate thing! I just started uni and needless to say i absolutey love it. At the moment in not sure wether i'm going to be a biochemist when i graduate or if i''m going to go back and do medicine but i know god will guide my footsteps and either way i know i want to do my little bit to help people

  13. Hi I'm Tariro and I'm studying Diagnostic Radiography at Cardiff Uni! I've always wanted to work in healthcare and this degree gives me an opportunity to further my scienctific curiosity whilst helping people and dealing with patients everyday. I love the feeling of being a part of someone's life no matter how small. It will also give me a great opportunity to meet a lot of people from different backgrounds!

  14. I am a final year student studying Politics and Sociology. For as long as I have remembered I have always wanted a job that would allow me to travel the world. I have always had this thirst to learn and submerse myself in other cultures. After graduation, I hope to become a diplomat and represent my country on a universal stage, whilst at the same time taking in my surroundings, wherever in the world I may be.

    Take a peep at this quote by Maya Angelou, pretty much summaries the beauty in travel!

    “Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try and understand each other, we may even become friends.”


  15. Hi, I'm Lize studying Psychology and Sociology at Uni of Sussex. I chose to study Psychology because I love to observe and find out why people think/ behave and act in the different ways that they do. Coupled with my love for talking to people, hearing their experiences and giving advice when needed, I thought why not? It's the best combination of what I love to do. I hope to be a clinical Psychologist or therapist in the future. Thanks :)

  16. Hi! I am Amira and I'm studying management with innovation, sustainability, and entrepreneurship at Uni of Manchester!. I chose this because I want to open my own store that will last for generations in my family. I want to be my own boss because really an office job isn't for me. I feel like if I am going to do this I'm going to try to be as prepared as possible! From my degree I hope to gain experience, contacts, and a clearer vision of what I want to sell in my future store. Also I came here for the US so I am really hoping to make the most of being overseas!

  17. Hiii!
    I'm Margaret and I'm a first year studying Accounting and Finance in the University of Hertfordshire :D this is due to wanting to be outside of my box/comfort zone and do something new. I hope to gain the skills that will make me stand out and be employable at the end of the degree. After Uni I hope to be a changed person, more confident in what career path to persue - whether so go on to do my professional year or take a different path - and hopefully more independent :)

  18. Hey there Fiona! I'm currently studying dentistry. I chose this degree because I love people and its a pleasure to be able to work with people as part of the dental team as well as patients.As challenging as it can be at times I wouldn't change what I do for the world. Making a difference is what counts. I hope to utilise my skills by helping to provide dental treatment and aid to those who need it most but may not be able to afford it. Ruth Baidoo

  19. Hello Fiona love the concept behind this giveaway. My name is Rahma and I can't get enough of university/Higher Education so much so, that this is my third time in University. I did my undergraduate in Biochemistry, Masters in Cancer Cell and Molecular Biology and now I am doing my PGCE in Science. Although the idea of science research initially interested me, teaching is something I always new I wanted to do. To help children at such an important point in their lives (adolescence- teenage years) and guide them in the right direction is amazing. I am fully aware that it is hard, but it will be fulfilling. My plans for the future is just to inspire and educate young children into becoming the best that they can possibly be in life.

  20. I am studying Structural Engineering at university because of the vast amount of possibilities it has to improve and further develop the society we live in. It is my desire to influence other women to follow a career path into science and engineering.
    I would like to inspire them and banish any misconceptions or fears they may have about entering a male dominated industry. I am zealous about being part of an industry that is revolutionary and makes a difference to the world we live in. I hope to be the engineer, to design an impressive structure like The Shard one day.

  21. Hey Fiona! I'm currently pursuing the Master of Law at the University of Cambridge, where I'm studying International Trade Law, International Environmental Law, Settlement of International Disputes and Competition Law.

    I chose this program for several reasons. On the academic and professional side of things, my purpose is to apply the knowledge I learn here to work on trade and development issues in the Caribbean region. I hope to achieve this through further research and writing on these areas, and by working with a regional or international organisation dealing with these issues. Additionally, I hope to be able to tutor and mentor undergraduate law students, as I have truly benefitted from the encouragement of my professors and other legal practitioners, and I hope to pass on the same to others.

    On a more personal note, this has been an amazing and enlightening step outside of my comfort zone. I had to summon up a lot of courage to even apply for this program, and I was pleasantly surprised to be admitted. It is my first time in the United Kingdom, and I'm loving the diversity at Uni so far. In a single day I can interact with someone from almost every country in the world and have meaningful and interesting conversations on several disciplines -- science, medicine, technology, mathematics, the arts, history, psychology -- you get the point :)

    There are only two drawbacks so far: (1) I still haven't figured out what my hair wants during this cold and windy weather. I've been having lots of breakage and I've only been here for 2 weeks! (2) Products suited for my hair are really hard to find in the stores in this area. I can't even find extra virgin coconut oil, which was a staple and a saviour for me back home! And something as simple as magnetic rollers cannot be found in stores nearby -- all I see is velcro rollers (velcro??!! seriously??!!!) which will surely ruin my beautiful ends!

  22. Hi Fiona,

    I'm currently studying European Legal Studies at the University of Kent, which is literally a Law a Degree with a year studying in Europe. I spent my third year studying in Amsterdam. I am now in my final year. I chose Law because I love to help people. I frequently volunteer through the Church and through my University. I want to use my degree to continue to help people, especially those who cannot afford a legal help. I also hope to use my degree to work in different parts of Europe as I love to travel.



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