Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Quick Fix: Why Your Hair Will Love Hot Oil Treatments ft Jilali Argan Oil

I cannot get enough of Hot Oil Treatments this autumn/winter, I've even found a way of somehow doing them whilst in my twists and my scalp is having a blast!

For anyone who hasn't yet jumped on the Hot Oil Treatment bandwagon then peep these benefits and you may just be sold. They are perfect for the cold winter weather and make your scalp feel like it's taken a trip to the spa!

- encourages blood flow to your scalp -
- helps to soothe a dry scalp -
- reduces/prevents breakage by lubricating your hair follicles -
- gives extra shine to dull looking hair -
- feels so friggin' amazing! -

Now this part I love because there are quite a few different ways you can apply your treatment! Either way the moment that oil hits your scalp it's a wrap, it feels so darn good!!!

The Basic Method
Warm your bottle of oil in a plastic bowl of hot water, part your hair in 4-6 sections and once the oil is quite warm apply it onto your scalp and gently massage it in. Once you have finished with your scalp go on to coat the lengths of your hair in oil too. Leave your hair to sit under a plastic shower cap wrapped in a towel for extra warmth for 20-30 mins... and that's your hot oil treatment done!

Here are just a few other ways you can do your H.O.T :

warm oil in an applicator bottle and then apply all over your scalp using your applicator bottle nozzle

warm oil and then place your head over the bath or sink and drizzle the oil unto your scalp & hair

pour oil into a sandwich bag/ziplock bag. Pierce a tiny hole in the bag and slowly drizzle this onto your scalp & hair

You can use absolutely any oil you like when it comes to Hot Oil Treatments but my absolute favourite has got to be Argan Oil, hence why I was very happy to have received some from Jilali Argan Oil to try out. Why Argan Oil? This page couldn't explain it any better!

I wasn't expecting anything magical with the Jilali Argan Oil as I often find my hair takes well to just about any oil I use for my H.O.T, but I must say the oil did come across as very pure. It had a different kind of smoothness to it upon touch [like silk but the oil version!], and was extremely rich and pleasant to use. I finished it in one application.

At a retail price of £20 for 30ml and the rate at which I use my Argan oil, I have to say I'll have to stick to my usual retailers for my next batch. But nevertheless it was a fun hot oil moment while it lasted!

Do you do H.O.Ts or do you find they do nothing for your Hair?

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  1. Hi Fiona..Thank you for your blog.If I may,could you please post a link for your usual argan oil vendor?Im having a hard time choosing because I'm not sure what's real.

    1. thank you for stopping by :) yes indeed I would strongly recommend the argan oil from sheabuttercottage.co.uk or from Holland&Barrett xxx

  2. Very useful & informative post.. Thanks for sharing


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