Friday, 25 October 2013

Ready For The Weather Change? My Winter Hair Regimen

I must say the weather in London hasn't taken the drastic turn that I would expect it to have in this wonderful month of October. Yes the rain is most certainly here #GoFigure! But the chill hasn't quite hit the way it usually does! Nevertheless, I'm still adding the usual changes to my regimen because knowing London it'll be hailstones and snow by the time I click publish on this post!

Here are a few winter tips to help your hair survive the dry cold conditions and to help you retain as much moisture as you can!

Protective Styling
But what are you protecting your hair from? A hair monster? I was posed with this question last week and laughed so hard I began to cry! Not quite a hair monster but the harsh winter weather dehydrates our hair leaving it brittle, thirsty and more prone to breakage. Not to mention this is made worse by our beloved heat escape mechanism: central heating! Tucking your hair away means your ends are less exposed and this can be through a very simple style such as a low bun, right up to some stylish braids, whichever suits your fancy!

Up A Notch! Steam Treatments & Deep Conditioning
During the summer months it's super easy for me to do a quick 2 minute deep condition and hop out of the shower without feeling too bad but it's a completely different ball game in the winter! Due to the dry weather conditions and external factors such as central heating it's very important that your hair is given some extra TLC, especially on the moisture front. Deep conditioning and steaming your hair are ways you can ensure your hair and scalp are being cared for and equipped for the cold weather. Plus they help to keep your hair soft and manageable, who wouldn't want that right?!

Sulfate Free?
I'll never say never to a Sulfate shampoo if my hair likes it. Sometimes 'Hair Science' goes out of the window if your hair simply says YES. Yes you're supposedly not good for me but I grow like weeds and I flourish like never before when I use you! My point? If sulfates have worked for you for as long as you can remember then keep at them, but if you don't mind a change and trying something new then pushing your sulfate shampoos to the side for the winter may help you retain more moisture as sulfate shampoos tend to be more drying than sulfate free shampoos. Not sure where to start? Peep some of my faves below:

-Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo
-Anita Grant Babassu Amla Shampoo Bar
-Shielo Hydrating Shampoo

Hair Accessories
As cold weather means cold ears I know hats are definitely a whole lot more appealing during the winter months. I was sent a silk lined hat by brand: Chidora and think it's a genius idea! Just like having your headscarf on before your hat no?! Well, if you can go the extra mile and line your hats then go for it, that way you reduce the chance of breakage caused by friction from what our hair classifies as 'rough surfaces'.

Committed To M'n'S
Not the shop dears, the method! Moisturising and sealing. I do the M'n'S everyday in the winter with a light moisturiser and a slightly heavier moisturiser on my ends. This helps keep your strands as lubricated as possible. Using an oil to seal in your applied moisturiser acts as a great barrier, slowing down the rate at which the moisture can escape from your strands. I'm often asked about products which contain humectants and whether or not to avoid such products during the winter months.

Humectant: A substance that keeps things moist. It usually attracts moisture from the air and thus helps your hair retain moisture, however in the winter months there is a lot less moisture in the air which means a product containing humectants is likely to draw the moisture in your hair away from it!

My thoughts? Try and reduce your use of products containing humectants i.e. Honey, Aloe Vera, Glycerin etc

That's pretty much my Winter 101! Anything you find works a treat for you during these chilly months? Do share!

Avec amour...


  1. Hey,

    Just making sure I understand correctly... you wash your twists?

    1. hey :) on this occasion I didn't but most times if I know I will wear that type of protective style for longer than 4 weeks I will wash my hair


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