Monday, 7 October 2013

Ceramic vs Tourmaline : Debenhams Style Challenge ft. Nicky Clarke

 I was contacted a few weeks ago by Debenhams to take part in a style challenge which would involve recreating a celebrity look, and of course sharing it with you all! 

Now if we rewind back to a few months ago you may remember my 2013 goals which included 80% protective styling and using little to no heat. So I'll be honest in saying that I had a real 'heart sink' moment when I found out the challenge would involve using heat [I'd gone for so long without and was super proud of myself!] But it so happened that the challenge was at the perfect time as I was to have my hair straightened to prep for my twists , so it turned out to be a kill two birds with one stone kind of affair!

I'll warn you now guys this definitely was  not one of my better styling days! I think the reluctance to re-apply heat to my hair made me a little lethargic on the styling front, but I still gave it a try so you can see my efforts at becoming Taylor swift below!!! No laughing please!

In other news I was also very excited about giving the Nicky Clarke Desired Salon Professional Straighteners a try because I've long wanted to see what the 'hype' about tourmaline plated straighteners really was.

Tourmaline is a semi-precious gemstone. A hair styling tool made with tourmaline is actually a ceramic tool with bits of finely-ground tourmaline infused into the ceramic. Tourmaline boosts the number of negative ions produced, which leads to healthier, shinier hair.

My thoughts... to be fair I didn't notice anything extraordinary, my hair most certainly took well to the straighteners which I have to say had a lovely glide to them, but all in all when it comes to straighteners and which ones are the best it all boils down to how straight they can get your hair and how... here comes the irony... "less damaging they are". How can straighteners be less damaging? A heat dial for starters which my GHDs didn't have.

All in all I liked the finish on my hair and will definitely follow up on what I think of the Straighteners when my hair is next straightened and... when I fully natural!!! 38/39 days to go!

Still trying to figure out how to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness on the blog, will you be doing anything charity focused this month?
Taylor Swift Photo Credit: Glamour Magazine
Avec amour...


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