Thursday, 3 October 2013

New Hair! Date Night in Senegalese Twists

Oh yes I did it! I finally had these bad boys put in after dodging them for 7 years. I'm not one for sitting down for long periods of time because my back just can't hack it and if I'm honest I've never really loved 'me' in braids or twists but Creta girl was getting real boring y'all so I thought I'd give twists or braids a try! Thank you ladies for helping me pick!

Now I really wasn't going to publish this post, well the video part that is because I couldn't get over the fact that I called the video [below] a 'Get Ready With Me' video but where in the world are my shoes? What's a get ready with me without shoes?! Anyway the date night nerves were getting to me and my room had been turned upside down before I finally headed out so I gave filming the heels a pass... I hope you understand *wink wink*

 The twists are Senegalese twists and are a yummy waist length. The hair used was 1b Expressions and we used 3 packs!

Every girl wants to be Rapunzel at least once right?! I think they're growing on me what do you think?

Avec amour...


  1. Wow! loved your post! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Fiona, Could you tell me what hair you used for your twists and where you brought it? Thanks! :)

    1. Of course hun. I used Expressions hair colour 1b - 3 packs. I bought it from a local afro caribb hair store at £1.99 per pack x

    2. thank you so much ladies! xxx


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