Tuesday, 31 December 2013

A New Beginning : 2014 Goals Are Here!

I'm sitting here on my bed in awe of how quickly the year has passed by and evaluating it's successes and many taught lessons. 2013 definitely was a great year for me, and of course one of the main highlights of it which you were able to share with me was my transitioner chop

As always a new year is always a new opportunity to set new goals, and challenge yourself to an even greater year than the one before, so I thought I'd share some of my 2014 aspirations with you and hope you can give me a kick up the… if I seem to be wandering off track! I have a LOT I want to achieve in 2014 so my list of "goals" is quite specific and rigid, but I work best that way so fingers crossed it'll be fun achieving them

- GreenHouseEffect once a week -
- Smoothie/Juice A Day Challenge- [successfully did this about 98% of the time n 2013]
- 2l of water a day - [downloaded the waterlogged app to help me track this]
- Experiment with colour -
- Complete a rejection challenge [more info to come] -
- Do missionary work -
- Race For Life -

there are a few more "goals"on my list such as financial and career goals but I won't start writing a book here so we'll start with these!

Any special goals you have set for 2014 that you have never set before?

P.s I'll be back to blogging week beginning 12th Jan. I have some things to sort out before I get back to weekly posts and don't want to start and then stop mid way!

Till then xxx

Avec amour… 



  1. Good luck with your goals!
    I have a few goals, personal ones including graduating and getting a job haha :)

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  2. Love your hair! Look forward to following your natural journey!


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