Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Humectants 'R' us

Humectant - a non-oily ingredient that attracts moisture from the atmosphere, retards evaporation, and helps hold water.

Humectants are used in skin and hair-care products to promote moisture retention. These hygroscopic compounds posses a chemical structure that attracts water from the atmosphere and binds it to various sites along the molecule. Hair exposed to very dry air without protection can lose its moisture, develop an unpleasant texture and can become unruly, flyaway, and frizzy. It also can become more prone to breakage and split ends. Conversely, unprotected exposure to excessive moisture and humidity can swell the hair cortex, causing the cuticle scales on the exterior of the hair shaft to become ruffled and giving hair a coarse, unpleasant texture. Clearly, neither scenario is desirable. source: 

Examples of Humectants: Glycerine, Honey, Sorbitol etc

So bearing the above in mind and the fact that I want to also strengthen and repair my hair aswell as keep it moisturized. I made my own special Humectant concoction using a small container and the end of a pen as my stick!

Here are the ingredients:

 4 tsp of 100% Virgin Coconut Oil (lubricant)
4 tsp of 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil (lubricant)
4 tsp of Castor Oil  (lubricant and renown for thickness)
4tsp of Almond Oil  (lubricant)
4 tsp of Grapeseed Oil (lubricant)
5 tsp of 100% Pure Honey (draws in natural moisture)
3 tsp of Dark and lovely hair cholesterol (provides hair with strength & repair damage)
1/2 tsp of Menthol (Robb!- stimulant..will explain later)
1 squirt of Tres Semme salon silk conditioner
1 squirt of Herbal essences - Hello hydration

Mix  until you get a thick yellow product. I made quite a bit so will save the left over product for another dry hair day!


Wondering why I use so many oils and the benefits of this ? 
Stay blog happy for 'Oils,oils,oils'...
and look out for the results of ~~edF Humectant~~!

x edF x


  1. Lol...First of all, for you to know what robb is, you must be a Nigerian or at least know someone that's Nigerian. Did u actually put robb in your hair? Never heard of that before; how did it make your hair feel afterwards, do tell...

    1. I sure am hun and sure did, it was only a very small amount and I didnt feel it on my scalp but added it for its stimulating properties and because I know I can rinse it out :) x


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