Tuesday, 1 February 2011

LYT Give---away Winner!


Hey peeps...
 feels like i blogged the other day but reality check that was last week hmmm..don't know what happened there!
The LYT Giveaway ended yesterday... i guess no one is really like me when it comes to freebies but hey!
 I received some great entries via email... and one especially made me take a deep breath and smile.

Just for re-cap here's the question that was asked:

'What does your hair say about who you are?

Here is the winners response:
'Hair... a four letter word. Nothing amazing like melancholy... in fact its monosyllabic. Its not vibrant its not fruity...its just hair. But in the depth of its simplicity it tells my one and only story... it finishes the person i am ... it completes me. You see just like the word i too am simple. I breathe, i work, i laugh, i cry... i grow... but simple simply isn't simple. Its derived from a special place... was carefully thought about and made perfectly for its purpose, just like my hair.

No I am not my hair...but my hair makes me... each strand = my being, and thats what my hair says about who i am... it says i am Me.'
Natalie thank you for such an in depth and thought about response. I hope you continue to cherish your hair and it cherish you :)  

x edF

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