Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Diary of a Tress Lover: Nicky K

I really enjoy these posts. It's so inspiring to see how far people come on their hair journeys! It definitely can be challenging but it definitely can also be done :)

I've been so fortunate to have some great big sisters in my life and Nicky is definitely one of them. After showing me her hair progress pics i was so excited. I asked Nicky about her regime and here is what she had to say...

August (then)

Feb (now)

Q-When did u start your Healthy Hair Journey?
A- Last year June

Q-What would you say has enhanced your hair growth and thickness the most?
A- Stretching the time between the texturizer and moisturizing my ends a lot as my hair is naturally dry and brittle. Plus i am not afraid to trim it!

Q- Will you ever go natural?
A- Funny you should ask! My hair was relaxed 5 years ago but it kept breaking. I grew it natural and only texturized it 18 months ago. The texturizer comes out like a permanent press. It's straight enough to manage but still has a kink in it :)

Here are some staple products that Nicky uses:

*Aphogee intense treatment
*Castor oil (to seal)
*S-Curl no drip (to moisturize)
*Profective daily anti breakage hair and scalp formula (daily moisturizer)
"Castor oil or Profective on temple and nape"

Be encouraged, you can also achieve better hair :)

x edF

P.s if you've had results during your healthy hair journey and would like to share with the world! Feel free to drop me an e-mail (eaudefiona@loveyourtresses.com)

 I'm sure it will encourage so many people :)

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