Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Diary of a fake German

Growing up in an afro/british household ...emphasis on afro! There were 3 major rules ... excel in school, respect your parents and be a great Christian. Of course under this umbrella came a million and one other responsibilties..cook, clean, and again cook clean. 

One thing that was never really emphasised growing up was exploring the world. To an extent this was a bonus my father emphasized would follow if i were to excel in school, but besides that the idea of taking a gap year to explore the jungle of Timbuktu! Twas  unheard of!
Nevertheless this idea never appealed to me anyway. In fact the morals my parents were adamant to transfer became those which i learned to cherish and actually embrace as if i had created them myself.
Now i find myself in Munich working for a year... and what better than it be part of my degree! Muhahaha daddy...looks like i found a plan somehow! With weekends all to myself i choose to explore what i can... here's what i got up to last week!

Munich 2011 Supermodel Contest

Did the right girl win?
Me n my Zushka x
next beauty step: oil control eurgh!

x edF

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