Sunday, 20 February 2011

Links i Love

Did you know there are more blogs than there are people??? Hmm...crazy right! Well out of these many million blogs i have to give it a special shout out to a few, written by my nearest and dearest. Forgive the bias on this occasion! It's not an occurring thing i pwomise.
So here we go... a short description of each blog...and then you click into another world. Explore and enjoy :)

A very snuggle up kinda tumblr space sharing the impulses of a warm hearted individual... pictures of love... quotes of life, a splash of the celeb buzz and notes from within ... ' The errors of a girl are the elements of a woman'...

Random thoughts of a modern day man, a definite treat for the mind, i love entering a guys world ...each and every post is a feast for the mind! - ' The official cheeky chap. I'm not ignorant. I'm not obnoxious neither am I conceited. I just see the world in a different light to many!'

 A hilarious read that spans the adventures of a young female, who has no fear in speaking about issues of everyday female life a.k.a dont be scared to say the V word... right up to what she would get up to if she were a guy!  'Did you know the word virgin is not a swear word?'

Superwoman chronicles- 'Everyone is Capable of Everything and Anything can Happen to Anyone' Its not often that i delve so deep into a very intellectual read... but this blog almost acts as a much needed form of mind stimulation. A mother nature type wisdom formed into smooth water like sentences. I LOVE this blog!

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