Sunday, 20 February 2011

Hide and Seek?

imagine this being ur wedding day aisle!
Where have i been right? 
Yeah i know... lets just say the past few weeks have been mega all over the place.

I went home last week a.k.a london town and then found myself real ill this week. No fun i promise. But i'm all clued up now, sitting in starbucks with my chai latte and wild blueberry muffin as we speak :) big smile

So as your all very important i figure u should know whats been going on with the blog.
We just clocked our second feature which you can see in the next post. Very exciting :)

I've tweeked the blog layout a bit. 
a.k.a a few colour adjustments and also added an F.A.Q page.

Finally adjusted the official facebook page (this is different to the group by the way)

Got us a twitter account. Mine is too personal to use for the blog as well so #FF @LoveYourTresses

Don't forget we also have a tumblr, if you like pictures this is a great spot to find some hair inspired pics!

Plus there's alot more going on but they are still in working progress. You'll be the first to know when they are all finished :)

Guys thank you again for all of your love and support.

x Fi

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