Thursday, 5 May 2011

Protective Hair Challenge 2011: UPDATE

So we've officially hit the month of May and the Protective Style Challenge should be in full swing right?! Well... it looks like the challenge will be seeing a few tweeks, nothing that will affect anyone who has already started.

I will be extending the deadline to start the challenge to the end of May 2011 therefore ending the challenge in November 2011. This is simply because:

1. I have received many e-mails asking about which protective styles to opt for and from people who haven't had enough time to get their hair done in time for the challenge start due to exam prep and other commitments.

2. I haven't told YOUTUBE!!! 

So for anyone stressing about not being able to join the challenge in time, no worries you have till the end of May. The challenge will still be titled for an APRIL 2011 start for those who have already started. May will just be the deadline to enter the challenge. I will therefore myself be posting my 6 month results in Oct or Nov depending on how long my install has been in.

Also as many of you may remember i took my initial install out due to excessive itching and have been rocking a d.i.y instant weave ever since. I will however be having a permanent install put in this Saturday by the lovely Dayana and will post my braid pattern and final look pictures, just in time for a great start to a great hair challenge .

Check out the official Protective Style challenge post for more info, and look out for this weekends youtube post!

P.s Tola from 'My Long Hair Journey' has officially joined the challenge. Check out her new weave install

x edF

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