Sunday, 8 May 2011

Weave Installed & Challenge Ready

Evening guys...

Hope you've all got a busy and productive week ahead. I'm finally all geared up to go for our 6 month Protective style challenge, mind you i have been protective styling since and even before the initial challenge began, but this weave is so on point i can't help but be excited! There will be no weave taking out due to itchiness... this weave is just perfect! If anyone wants a weave hook up after the summer then Dayana is your girl!

Just for info i have mentioned the benefits and ease in having a horizontal braid pattern but we decided to go for a vertical pattern because of my hair parting options and also because i was ensured that this was the best option to ensure that my cornrows would lie very flat (my biggest fear is a bumpy big weave). Being the picky hair person that i am i can say, the spacing between wefts is more enough for me to easily access my scalp!

So here are the picks:

Final look

P.s I'll post many more pictures once exams are out

x edF


  1. Just beautiful :)
    Love your smile btw

  2. Lovin the final look on you.
    You have a beautiful smile. :)


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