Thursday, 5 May 2011

Deep Breath...

'You know what I can’t take, when people don’t allow me to breathe, breathing is important you know sigh'-

We often underestimate the role of blood circulation on the human body. We seek hair growth and thickness and often dismiss other important factors such as hydration (enough water intake) , nutrition and general physical excercise. We are often victims of our own weak time management and struggle to find the time to really feed our inner-self. I most definitely am a victim of this.

Right now with exams fast approaching i have made a habit of taking a few minutes out of my day to relax my nerves and ensure that my body is being cleansed mentally, and i do this through a very simple breathing exercise.

Breathing regulates your state of mind, concentration and emotions. We all know how to do it but in fact only use a small percentage of our lungs optimal breath capacity. Remembering to take a deep breath during the day may sound very silly, but think about how often enough you do this an maximise your lung capacity.

Deep breathing sends a flood of oxygen into and through your body therefore increasing and enhancing blood circulation. In the long run this simply means a more relaxed you, a better concentrated you and as for your hair, it means your scalp is being feed and oxygenated so much so that it can function healthily and to its best. 

So if your stressed, nervous, need to focus... take 5 minutes out of your day and focus on calming yourself. Its definitely a beneficial activity and great for the inner you. 

You can even combine a breathing exercise with a scalp massage... the perfect way to treat your hair and yourself.

x edF

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