Sunday, 29 May 2011

P.S.C Feedback session

Protective Style Challenge 
Feedback session no.1 ...
source: naijacoils tumblr

Happy Sunday folks

I wasn't quite sure how to structure this post, because I intend on doing future feedback sessions aka check ins on youtube. So this is just a brief post outlining how i've found my protective style and any hiccups that i've encountered so far.

Before- In my weave maintenance 1 post I suggested washing your weave/braids once a week or once every 2 weeks
After- I now wash my hair every two weeks only, because more than this means I have to straighten my hair more often, due to the extreme texture difference between my 6 months post hair and the weave

Before- I thought it was ok to use my olive oil moisturising cream as a moisturiser for my weave
After- This product is way too heavy and makes the weave greasy. After washing I now only use leave-in conditioner and Pantene serum to style the weave.

- In the case of itchiness I focus on patting or rather than scratching, using my finger to rub the itchy area.
- I have been doing bantu knot outs to achieve waves rather than using heat

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